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Seeing of good omens by Sita in Asoka Vana


 Seeing of good omens by Sita in Asoka  Vana


Sage  Valmiki


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(This is a scene from Sundara kanda  of Valmiki(29th chapter) . Sita  feeling her hopless  condition   decides  to  commit  suicide and at that  time several good  Omens are seen.Seeing them she becomes happy.

    SEngalipuram   recommends   this to be read  by people  facing   hopeless  condition due to bad dreams, constant fear  , poverty etc. He  is of the opinion that the fear  will go away  and good period will start)


(Good omens occurs  to Sita who was consoled by those omens and gained more confidence)


THadagatham thaamVyadhithaama  nindhithaam  vyapetha  harshaam pari  dheena maanasaam

Shubhaam nimithaani Shubhaani bhejire naram sriyaa jushtamivopa jeevanaa  29.1


Good omens approached her who is faultless; who does forever good, who was mentally perturbed and who because of lack of happiness was terribly depressed like the helpless people approaching a generous man.                                                                                                29. 1


THsyaashubham vaamamarrala pakshma  rajeevrutham, Krishna  Visaala Shuklam

Praaspandha  thaikam nayanam  sukesayaa meenaahathampadmabhivaa bhithamram 29.2


That long haired lady’s very pretty left eye which is surrounded by curved eye brows , which  is black ,  which is broad   and which is  bright white colour,  surrounded by red colour started throbbing  like the lotus flower shaken by a fish.                                                               29.2


Bhjascha chaarvaanchitha peena vruthaa parardhya kalaagaru Chandanaarha

Anutha menaadhyushitha priyena chirena vaama samavepthaasu  29.3

Her pretty long round arms which merit the application of dark sandal paste and which were caressed by her darling, started throbbing fast for quite some time.                            29.3


Gajendra hasthaprathimascha peenasthayorddhayo samhatha yosthujaathaa

Praspandhamaana punaroorasyaa Ramam purasthath Sthithmasa  Chakshe  29.4


Not only that apart from these two, her left thigh which was round and fat like the elephants trunk throbbed giving initial signals to her of the coming back of Sri Rama.                 29.4


Shubham punarhema samana  varna meeshadhjodhwastha  mivaa malaakshyaa,

Vaasa sthithaaya shikaragradhathaa kinchith paristhramsatha Charu gaathryaa   29.5


Also the gold coloured dress which was coated with dust,  of that very pretty standing  woman ,who had teeth which are like the buds of jasmine and  who had very clear eyes ,  slightly loosened indicating good things are bound  come.                                                         29.5


Yethair nirmithaira paraischa soobru sambodhithaa praagapi sadhu   Sidhai,

Vaathaatha paklaanthamiva pranashtam varshena bheejam prathi samjna harshaa.  29.6


Getting more confidence by these good omens and others , which were indicative of  fulfillment  of desires from very ancient times , that pretty lady became very happy similar  to  the  wind and sun dried seed when it received rain.                                                                                 29.6


Thasyaa   punar bimba phaladharoshtamSwakshi brookesaantha  maraala pakshma,

Vakthram bhabhaase sitha sukladhamshtram  Rahormukhachandra yiva  pramuktha     29.7


Her face with lips which were similar to the red guava fruit, her pretty eyes and eye brows , her long hair, her curved eyelids  and her teeth which were white  started shining again  like the moon  which got its freedom from the serpent Rahu.                                                    29.7


Saa veetha sokaavyapaneetha thanthree saantha jwaraa harsha vivrudha sathwaa

Asobhathaaryaa vadanena shukle sheethamshunaa rathri rivodhithena   29.8


Face of that lady with her sorrow removed, with no thoughts in her mind, with her worries quenched and , with more strength due to more happiness glowed like the night lit by the cool moon.                                                                                                                                      29.8



     Thus ends the twenty ninth chapter of Sundara Kanda which

     is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written  by Valmiki.

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