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Parayana of Valmiki Ramayana for fulfilling various desires.

Parayana  of Valmiki Ramayana   for fulfilling   various   desires.

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(These are the book  called  Srimad Ramayanam and all round Success  published by Lifco  publishers  Madras.Please note that  Parayana can be  either the original text  of Ramayana  in Sanskrit or   verse by verse  translation in any language .You can get the translation verse by verse sarga by sarga  in  to  English in  my blog  http://englishvalmikiramayanam.blogspot.in/
     There is also  a particular method   for doing Parayana  of Ramayana, For Smarthas  it is given in http://englishvalmikiramayanam.blogspot.in/2016/02/ramayana-parayana-smartha-sampradhaya.html  and for  Vaishnavas (visishtadvaithins )  it is given in http://englishvalmikiramayanam.blogspot.in/2016/02/ramayana-parayana-krama.html

Before doing Parayana   for a particular  purpose   the above appropriate  method should be followed .)

For the fulfillment of  Virtuous acts   read Ayodhya Kandam Sarga  21 to 25

For prosperity   in ones profession  Ayodhya Kanda   Sarga 32

For marriage for the unmarried  Bala Kanda Sarga  73

For attainment of salvation Aranya Kandam  Sarga 65-68

For alleviation of diseases  Yudha Kanda  Sarga  59

For Preventing   evel influences of Ghosts  Sundara Kanda  Sarga 3

For recovery  from mental disorders   Sundara Kanda  Sarga  13

For improvement of financial condition  Sundara  Kanda  Sarga  15

For prevention of sorrow  Yudha  Kanda  Sarga 116

For overcoming  unexpected danger  Yudha Kanda  Sarga 18-19

For re uniting of   separated relatives  Sundara Kanda  Sarga  36

For  eradicating  bad dreams  Sundara Kanda  Sarga 27

For getting rid of sins due to illicit sexual union   Sundara Kanda  7-11

For  comforts in Next birth    Yudha Kanda  Sarga  131

For begetting children  Bala Kanda  Sarga 15-16

For safe delivery  Bala Kanda  Sarga 18
For escaping danger of imprisonment  Yudha  Kanda  Sarga 117

For  Children developing good character  Ayodhya Kanda  Sarga 1-2

For Success of Cherished desires  Bala Kanda   Sarga 75-76


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  2. One gentleman says that nowhere in Valmiki Ramayana it is mentioned that Ravana was a Shiva bhakt. Is it true?

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