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KIshkinda Kandam 48-67

Kishkinda Kanda  (Contd)

Book of Kishkinda (contd)

Translated by

48. Angadha and others   search in vindhyas

(Angadha and others search all mountains , caves and forests of Vindhya mountains, Angadha kills a Rakshasa   suspecting him  as Ravana. They land up in desolate cave.)

The monkey Hanuman went along with Tara and Angadha  and started searching in those places as instructed by Sugreeva.                                                                                                                               48.1
He went a long distance along with those great monkey  heroes and searched in the caves of Vindhya mountain and other interior places. He searched for her on mountain peaks fortresses surrounded by rivers lakes extensive trees clusters of trees, various mountains and in thickly grown trees.  48.2-48.3
All the monkeys started searching for Maithili , the daughter of Janaka   in all places in that direction  and those heroes  could not find Sita .                                                                                                         48.4
There were  various type of fruits and roots  and went on searching for her , halting  in inaccessible places here and there .                                                                                                                                   48.5
They searched for   her in places which are difficult to search   and in great deep caves  and in places without water . without men, empty , deep and horripilating.                                                               48.6
After having searched in those forests   which are fearful  , those monkey leaders left that place  and those fearless ones entered other     very difficult places.                                                                       48.7
In that forest trees did not have  flowers  nor fruits nor leaves  and that land was without water   and so it was difficult to get even roots.                                                                                                                   48.8
There one could  not   see Buffalos , deer , elephants , tigers  birds as also other  forest animals.  48.9
There were  no medicinal trees  , creepers climbing on tree, creepers spreading on the ground  and in lotus ponds which is normally pretty did not have soft leaves or bloomed flowers  and there was no fragrance there . The monkeys entered that forest.                                                               48.10-48.11
There was a sage there   called Kandu , who was great , rich in penance , short tempered , one who follows all rules  and one who  was outrageous.                                                                                  48.12
In that forest his young son who was just sixteen was lost and later died  and that great sage then became very angry.                                                                                                                                     48.13
And that great soul then cursed   this great forest  that it would become inhospitable and  become devoid of animals and birds.                                                                                                                48.14
Those monkeys searched in all areas of that forest , mountains, caves , rivers and also   the source of those rivers.                                                                                                                                            48.15
In spite of that they were not able to see the great  daughter of  Janaka   who was abducted by Ravana and Ravana himself .                                                                                                                            48.16
After entering there , they saw a large place covered by climbers and bushes  and there saw an Asura of cruel deeds , who was not even afraid of devas.                                                                             48.17
There the monkeys saw a horrifying Asura who was standing there like a mountain  in size and after seeing him they all  stood in attention before the mountain like person.                                  48.18
He ran towards them in great rage  raising his fist and told all of them, “ All you monkeys are
now dead.”                                                                                                                                             48.19
Angadha the son of Vali seeing that Attacking Rakshasa thought that he was Ravana , hit him with his open palm.                                                                                                                                            48.20
When Vali ‘s son him , blood came out of his mouth  and that asura fell on the ground like a mountain which has fallen down.                                                                                                                      48.21
After he breathed his last , the monkeys who have won , then probably searched in all caves of the mountain.                                                                                                                                               48.22
They again searched that  entire forest  and entered another dreadful  mountain  cave.      48.23
They searched all over again  and collected together at one place  with a very dejected heart  in a secluded corner     and sat down.                                                                                                        48.24

This is the end of the  forty eighth   chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

49.Angadha ‘s pep talk

(When Angadha finds that his monkeys are tired , he tells them to work hard , for otherwise Sugreeva would punish them. They start the search again but are not able to locate Sita.)

Then the very wise but tired Angadha consoled all the monkeys  and   told all the monkeys these words slowly .                                                                                                                                                                   49.1
“All of us have searched  in  forests, mountains, rivers , inaccessible  forts , impenetrable areas , caves , mountain caverns  and in all those places we did not find Janaki who is like a deva maiden and who was abducted by a Rakshasa”                                                                                                                          49.2-49.3
“After Sugreeva who is very strict  in implementing his decisions   ordered us , lot of time has already been spent  and so we have to again search all over.                                                                                 49.4
“Please search , giving up laziness  and even sleep which overpower us  and you may search for Sita so that  we can see her  who is the daughter of Janaka.”                                                                                49.5
“Absence of sorrow , perseverance and  a mind refusing to accept defeat  do lead us to achieve our objectives  and that is why I am telling you all this.”                                                                                   49.6
“Oh dwellers of forest  you may again search for her in impenetrable forests  and give up your sorrow and start searching again in this forest.”                                                                                                       49.7
“When you do any  job, definitely you would achieve results  and it is not proper for us to close our eyes and despair.”                                                                                                                                                      49.8
“Sugreeva  is a king who  gets  very angry and gives severe punishments   and we should also be afraid of the great soul Rama.”                                                                                                                                      49.9
“This has been told for your welfare and so please do it if it is agreeable to you  and you may tell  if you feel any other course  is more suitable.”                                                                                                  49.10
Hearing the words of  Angadha, Gandhamadana , who was thirst and exhausted     told the following clear words.”                                                                                                                                                     49.11
“I think the words of Angadha are very appropriate  and they are aimed for our benefit and welfare    and so please   follow them.”                                                                                                                        49.12
“Let us once gain start searching in mountains, valleys , caverns , forests , desolate  places    and mountain streams .”                                                                                                                                       49.13 
“All of you may please search in all the places indicated    by great Sugreeva  and let us search in all forests and   mountain forts .”                                                                                                                   49.14
Again all those very strong monkeys stood up  and started searching in the  forests  surrounding Vindhya mountains on the southern side .                                                                                                             49.15
The  chosen monkeys who were eager   to see  Sita  searched all over the silver mountain  resembling autumn clouds  and in all its peaks  and caverns after ascending the mountain. There saw the forest of Lodhra plants and that of the seven leaved Banana.                                                                    49.16-49.17
Those very brave but exhausted monkeys climbed up the peaks  but could not locate Sita the queen of Rama.”                                                                                                                                                            49.18
Then after searching the very many caves of that  mountain and after looking everywhere , the monkeys ascended    from that mountain.                                                                                                                49.19
Then they who were very tired and dejected at heart  stood for a moment and sat  below   a tree.49.20
Then after taking rest for a little time with a little bit disenchanted heart  they decided they will search all the southern direction.                                                                                                                                49.21
Those monkey lords started the search again led by Hanuman  started searching the Vindhya mountains  all over again.                                                                                                                                                       49.22

This is the end of the  forty ninth   chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

50.The monkeys   enter Rikshabilam

( The starved  and thirsty monkeys entered Rikshabilam thinking that  they will get water and food.  After a long struggle they see a fertile spot and a  saintly lady )

That monkey Hanuman  in the company of Tara and Angadha  , searched inside    the deep caves  of the Vindhya  mountain.                                                                                                                                            50.1
Then they searched near rivers inhabited by lions  and tigers  and having big boulders  and in uneven places  near the mountain streams.                                                                                                              50.2
When they reached the south west side   of the Vindhya mountain  and were living there , the time set by the monkey king     ended.                                                                                                                          50.3
Hanuman  the son of wind god further searched in the  very deep and impenetrable caves  on the south western side of the mountain.                                                                                                                          50.4
With mutual understanding  Gaja,  Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sarabha, Gandamaadana, Mainda, Dvivida, Sushena Jambhavan, Angadha the heir apparent, Tara the forest dweller and Hanuman having searched all over the mountains went to the southern side covered by a net work of mountain ranges. There they saw a cavern with an open mouth called Rikshabilam  guarded by  an asura.                                  50.5-50,7
Affected  by thirst , hunger and tiresomeness  those  monkeys who were needing water   to drink  , saw a  huge cave covered with thick growth of creepers  , trees .                                                                       50.8
From that cave Krouncha  birds , swans , cranes and Chakravaka  birds   drenched  in water  were coming out  with their  limbs reddened by the red coloured lotus pollen.                                                               50.9
When those bulls among monkeys reached the cave , their mind was filled with wonder because   they were not able to cross the give due to its fragrance .                                                                                  50.10
Those  lustrous , very strong  and the best of the monkeys  were happy because they guessed it contained water  but  they were not able to enter in it .                                                                              50.11
With scattering of different type of creatures  , that place looked like a  place of Rakshasas  as it looked   dreadful and was very difficult      to enter.                                                                                                     50.12
Then Hanuman , the son of wind God who appeared like a huge mountain  , who was very knowledgeable  about impenetrable forests   told  the monkeys.                                                              50.13
“We have so far covered many  mountain Ranges   as well as countries  on the southern direction  and we are greatly tired  and have not  been able to see Maithili.”                                                                  50.14
“From this cave Krouncha birds , cranes and Chakravaka birds emerge drenched in water  and so this cave must have a well  or pond with plenty of water  and also we see that trees  at the entrance  shine   with health.”                                                                                                                                         50.15-50.16
When they were told like  this all of them entered  in to that dark cave  as there was no sun or moon   in that cave and it was   fearful (horripilating) .                                                                                            50.17
Then those tiger among monkeys entered   that dark cave . from where the sounds of lion, tigers,   and other animals and birds   were heard.                                                                                                     50.18
They were not able to fix their sight anywhere and their valour and luster was of no use to them  and they were forced to move like wind    because they were not able to see  in that darkness.        50.19
Those elephant like monkeys  after  passing some distance with great speed , saw  delightful light     and  a pleasing place .                                                                                                                                          50.20
In that   cave they found densely growing  various type   of trees  and holding each other  they went another Yojana  in that   cave.                                                                                                                   50.21
They became bewildered and almost lost their consciousness  and were desperate for water  and they further walked in to the cave without feeling lazy.                                                                               50.22
When those weakened , exhausted monkey heroes  with dejected face  were  about to give up a hope  for life they saw a bright light.                                                                                                                 50.23
After having reached that location they saw a forest shining like blazing fire dispelling the surrounding darkness. They saw Sala, Tala, Tamala, Punnaga, Vanjula,  Dhava, Champaka, and Naga trees and also saw blossoming plants of Karnika, bunches of beautiful golden flowers, and tender leaves radiant like the rising Sun. They saw golden trees with creepers entwining them. These trees bedecked with golden ornaments shined like the rising Sun. There were structures encrusted with sapphire and Vaidoorya stones for reclining. Those golden trees were shining brightly. There were lotus creepers of the colours of Sapphires and Vaidoorya s. The ponds surrounded by birds were filled with golden lotuses. 
In the pond filled with pure water they saw golden fishes  and huge  golden tortoises  along with lot of lotus creepers.                                                                                                                                               50.29
They saw  big houses made of gold and silver there  and the windows were made of gold with the shape of the eye of the cow , covered with meshes inlaid with pearls   and  they also saw   houses made of gold,  silver  and mud  and decorated with Vaidoorya gems.”                                                  50.30-50.31
The trees were in full bloom and bore fruits which appeared bright like corals. Golden bees were flying around. All kinds of honey could be found there in abundance.                                                         50.32
They saw all over rich collection of beds, seats and vehicles wonderfully decorated with gems and gold. They also saw a large collection of wonderfully shining utensils made of gold, silver and bronze.
There they saw the divine incense of   Agaru and Sandalwood  and large collection of eatables  , fruits and roots.                                                                                                                                                      50.35
Various type of great drinks  and various  type of tasty honey , wonderful and valuable apparels  and collection of  blankets and animals skins were there .                                                                          50.36
The  monkeys saw here and there   collections of pure Gold    which were glittering like a raging fire.  
When the very strong ones were searching her and there  in the cave  those monkey warriors saw  a lady near by.                                                                                                                                                        50.38
They were badly frightened on seeing a lady sage wearing a bark  cloth  and taking restricted food and shining  greatly.                                                                                                                                          50.39
Those monkeys were taken aback  and stopped there  and Hanuman asked her , “Who are you and whose cave  is this  ?”                                                                                                                               50.40
Than Hanuman who was looking like a mountain  saluted that old woman with folded hands  and asked her , “Who are you? And to whom does this cave , mansion and gems belong to?’                          50.41

This is the end of the  fiftieth   chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

51.The Monkeys meet Swayamprabha

(When Hanuman asked her who she is  and  whose are these sacred  trees and ponds she replies that  it belongs to a Apsara lady called Hema and  she , whose name is Swayamprabha   is guarding  this place for Hema.)

After saying this again Hanuman addressing that great  lady saint dressed in deer skin  and said to her. 
“We have suddenly entered this cave filled with darkness  as we were exhausted by thirst and hunger  and completely tired.”                                                                                                                                        51.2
“Being thirsty when we saw a huge hole on the earth  we entered here  and having seen so many wonderful things here  which are wonderful and matchless , we are amazed , pained and almost lost our consciousness.”                                                                                                                                                    51.3
“Whose are these golden trees  shining  like the rising Sun, these tasty roots and fruits, these  golden high mansions, these  houses with glittering golden windows adorned with meshes encrusted with gems?”                                                                                                                                                          51.4-51.5
“By whose power  are these golden trees yielding  such sacred fragrant fruits and flowers  have been created? How did these golden lotuses grow in pure water? How are these golden fish and tortoises found here? By whose ascetic power this was created so wonderfully? You may tell us about your own effulgence since we are not aware of these things.”                                                                      51.6-51.8 
When Hanuman asked her like this , that lady saint who was a follower of Dharma  and who was committed to welfare of all beings replied to Hanuman.                                                                          51.9
“Oh bull among monkeys there was a person called Maya who was a magician  and he has created this golden forest using his magic.”                                                                                                                     51.10
“During earlier times there was a Dhanava  chief called Viswakarma  and he has constructed this auspicious mansion of gold.”                                                                                                                        51.11
  “He did penance in this forest addressed to Lord Brahma  for thousands of   years  and he got all these wealth of Usanas   from him.”                                                                                                                     51.12
“After creating this great forest  that one who was strong as well as lord of passion , lived in this  golden forest for several years.”                                                                                                                               51.13
“That great Dhanava was passionately attached to a pretty Apsara maiden called Hema  and Lord Indra bravely attacked him with a thunderbolt .”                                                                                               51.14
“This great forest was given by Lord Brahma  to Hema  along with a house of gold and permanent   enjoyment of pleasures.”                                                                                                                               51.15
“Oh best of monkeys , I am Swayamprabha  the second daughter of Meru savarni  and I am protecting  this forest for Hema.”                                                                                                                                     51.16
“My dear friend Hema  is well versed in dance and music  and she has given a boon to me and also  this great house  and I am protecting it for her.”                                                                                               51.17
“What is your mission? What are you looking for  in these harsh forests? How did you find this inaccessible forest  which is looked after me?”                                                                                           51.18
“After eating these wonderful food items, fruits and roots  and after drinking these drinks , you please tell me about everything.”                                                                                                                               51.19

This is the end of the  fifty first    chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

52.Hanuman   tells  their story to Swayamprabha

( When swayamprabha asks who they are, Hanuman tells their story and how they reached    that place.)

After all those monkey chiefs have eaten and taken rest , then  that saint who did penance with  a single mind   told them.                                                                                                                                      52.1
“Oh monkeys , if you have lost your sorrow  and have eaten food and fruits, then I would like  to hear   from you.”                                                                                                                                                              52.2
As soon as Hanuman, the son of wind God heard this  he started to tell frankly as well as faithfully  about his happenings.                                                                                                                                                     52.3
“Rama is the son of  Dasaratha , the king of all worlds  who was equal to Lord Indra  and that  along with his brother Lakshmana and wife Sita entered    the Dandaka forest  and his wife was  abducted by force from the Janasthana forest.”                                                                                                                       52.4-52.5
“He has a valorous   friend called Sugreeva    who is a monkey king and  we have come here because he sent us.”                                                                                                                                                                   52.6
“We who are    led by Angadha   have very fearsome monkeys and have been sent  to the southern side traversed  by sage  Agasthya   and  protected  by God Yama  with a task  to search for  Ravana the Rakshasa who can take any form he likes    and also the Sita , the princess of Videha.”                 52.7-52.8
“We have completely searched  this southern area   completely  and being exhausted and hungry we   took rest below a tree.”                                                                                                                                        52.9
“We became greatly worried and our face became pale  and were  not able to cross  the ocean of sorrow  and were also not knowing how to proceed further.”                                                                                52.10
“When were examining all sides   we saw this cave  hidden by  creepers and trees  and pervaded by darkness.”                                                                                                                                                          52.11  
“We saw  swans, Kurara  birds  and Sarasa    birds flying from  with wings drenched in water  and shedding drops of water  while flying.”                                                                                                        52.12
“I told the monkeys that it is proper  to enter this  cave  and all of them  concluded  the same thing and entered  this cave.”                                                                                                                                            52.13
Saying that, “Let us go in , due to our haste in carrying out the orders of  our lord.” , we all jumped in to  the cave holding each other’ s hands.”                                                                                                         52.14
“Thus we entered this cave  which was covered by darkness  and we came in so that our task would  be accomplished  and we who were very hungry reached for your help.”                                                  52.15
“ To honour the Dharma of hospitality  you gave us fruits  and roots  and since we were   troubled  by great  hunger we ate  them.”                                                                                                                         52.16
“You have saved us  who were dying with great hunger  and please tell us how these  monkeys   can repay    your debt.”                                                                                                                                        52.17
When the monkeys who were votaries of Dharma told like this to Swayamprabha  who replied to all the monkeys this way.”                                                                                                                                       52.18
“I am pleased with all of you  Oh quick and energetic   monkeys   and since I am living a life of Dharma , you need not do anything to me.”                                                                                                             52.19

This is the end of the  fifty second     chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

53. The Monkeys were perplexed as time limit has been exceeded.

(Swayamprabha takes them out of the cave  but when they realized that time limit has been exceeded. They are all scared of Sugreeva.   While Angadha proposes that   all of them should give up their life, Tara  prefers to go back to that magical   cave.)

When that  lady ascetic   told these auspicious words  which were according to dharma , Hanuman told her  who  is blameless  in her actions.                                                                                                              53.1
“Oh lady who is   votary of dharma, you have provided us protection   as we had taken refuge in you . We have now exceeded    the time limit set to us  by  the great Sugreeva  , when we were moving about  in this cave.”                                                                                                                                                          53.2
“Since we have already exceeded the time limit set by Sugreeva , we have almost lost our life and you  who are a great lady should help us to get out of this dreadful cave .”                                                   53.3
“Oh practitioner  of Dharma,  it would proper for you to save us  who are deeply afraid of Sugreeva  as we have a great job that we have to finish  and by staying here    we have exceeded  the time to do it.”
When Hanuman told her like this that lady ascetic replied “I think that it is impossible  for those who enter this cave to return.”                                                                                                                               53.6
“But by the power of my penance as  well as  due to my strict observation of religious life , I would help you and these monkeys to get out of this cave.”                                                                                        53.7
“Let all the great monkeys close their eyes  for it would be impossible for you to get out  if you do not keep your eyes closed.”                                                                                                                                  53.8
“Then all of them closed their eyes and kept it closed with their delicate fingers , with happiness due to the desire to get out of the cave.”                                                                                                                53.9
When those great monkeys  closed their eyes with the help of their fingers , within a minute , they were taken out  of that great cave .                                                                                                                     53.10
That  lady ascetic  who was the follower of Dharma  spoke these words to those monkeys who were released from a difficult situation.                                                                                                             53.11
“This is the Vindhya mountain  which is blessed with different type of trees and climbers and this is the Prasravana mountain  and that one is the ocean which is a vast expanse of water . Safety to you and I am going back to my home.”  And so saying  That Swayamprabha entered her cave.”                 53.12-53.13
Then they saw the horrifying sea which was the home of Varuna  and which was endless   and dreadful .
While they were searching in the magical  construction created by Maya  on the fortified mountain  , the time limit fixed by their king had been exceeded.                                                                                    53.15
Then those great ones reached the foot hills of Vindhya  and chose a location where trees were in full bloom, and after sitting there started analyzing and thinking .                                                             53.16
Then they  remained  below the trees  bent with the heavy load of flowers , entwined by hundreds of vines  , due to  the  great fear they had of Sugreeva.                                                                              53.17
Seeing that the spring  season has started  and after discussing with each other , they fell  on the
ground.                                                                                                                                                           53.18
The very wise monkey  Yuvaraja Angadha  who had shoulders like bull and the lion,  who  has sturdy long arms   addressed those senior  and elderly  monkeys who reside in the forest  using sweet voice about  his inferences .                                                                                                                                     53.19-53.20
“Oh monkeys we came here as per the command of the monkey king  and while we were  in the cave we have spent   a whole month . Do you realize it?”                                                                                      53.21
“We started in the Aswayuja month (October?)  with time limit fixed for our job. And we have exceeded that time limit. Please tell me  as to what we should do now?”                                                             53.22
“All of you are trust worthy   and are experts in just action  and you were all involved in activities of general welfare  and all of  you are interested  in welfare of our lord?”                                               53.23
“You are all incomparable in your actions , and famous everywhere    for your bravery  and you have followed me as per the orders of tawny eyed Sugreeva. “                                                                      53.24
“Having not achieved  our objective , we should without any doubt die , for disobeying the order monkey king , who can live happily.”                                                                                                           53.25
“Since the time limit fixed by Sugreeva has  been exceeded , for the people in the forest giving up of our life by starving would only be proper.”                                                                                                        53.26
“By nature Sugreeva is harsh but having been crowned as a king , he would not pardon us when we go back .”                                                                                                                                                                53.27
“Since we have not been able to find out Sita , he would definitely kill us  and so let us commit suicide leaving  sons, wives , wealth as well as our homes.”                                                                                53.28
“When we return back, the  king will torture us in an incomparable manner  and death would be even better than that .”                                                                                                                                             53.29
“I was not crowned as Yuvaraja by Sugreeva  but I was consecrated by Rama   the king of people ,  who never hurts others.”                                                                                                                                         53.30
“The king  being a great enemy of mine earlier , if he notices lapse on my part , he would  definitely inflict very severe punishment on me .”                                                                                                  53.31
“Why should  my friends see  the calamity of my death? I will sit here on the sacred  shores of this ocean and give up my life.”                                                                                                                                   53.32
Hearing these words  of the lad who was  their Yuvaraja , all the monkeys replied to him in a pitiable manner .                                                                                                                                                        53.33
“Sugreeva has a harsh nature and Rama loves his wife dearly  and   so let us search  for Sita here and try to find her out , because Sugreeva  will award us death sentence so as to please Rama.   53.34-53.35
“ It is not proper for offenders  to go near their master  and so we will search for Sita here and if we find her out  and then go back or otherwise go to the place of God of death.”                                       53.36
When Tara heard these words  of great scare from the monkeys , he told them, “Let us put an end to this sorrow. If it pleases you  , all of us we will re enter  the cave  and reside there .”                    53.37
“That  difficult to enter place , created by magic  has lot of trees , food and materials to drink  and being there we need not be  afraid of even Indra  and definitely not Rama and the  king of monkeys.”  53.38
All the monkeys who had heard the proposal of Angadha were favourably inclined to it  and all of them spoke together, “Let us make a plan together  which is not connected with the punishment expected  out of the king.”                                                                                                                                                53.39

This is the end of the  fifty  third    chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

54.Hanuman talks to Angadha 

(Hanuman feeling that a revolt is brewing, calms   it down by creating difference of opinion between people.)

When Tara whose face was glowing like the  lord of stars spoke like this , Hanuman thinking that he will usurp  the kingdom of monkeys told .                                                                                                              54.1
Hanuman thought that Angadha has eight type  of  intelligence , four types of tactics and  fourteen different    traits.                                                                                                                                                 54.2
( Hearing , grasping, understanding, discrimination , receiving the good aspects only , comprehensive knowledge , profundity and acumen  are  the eight type of intelliegence
Sama , Dhana, Bhedha   and Dhanda  are the four tactics  and   1] knowledge of place and time, 2] sturdiness, 3] enduring troubles, 4] knowing all possible, 5] skilfulness, 6] self-defence, 7] maintaining confidentiality of strategies, 8] avoiding unwanted debates [or, not uttering lies, 9] courageousness, 10] recognizing strengths and weaknesses of one's own and of others also, 11] faithfulness, 12] sheltering the seekers of shelter, 13] showing anger at appropriate times, 14] unwavering in opinions or actions are the fourteen different traits.)                                
Hanuman started consulting Angadha who was ever shining in strength and valour who was growing in majesty constantly like the Moon in the bright fortnight, whose intellectual prowess was equal to that of Bruhaspathi, who was equal to his father in valour and listening to Tara like Indra listened to Shukra 's words. Angadha was skilful in all the shastras.                                                                                         54.3-54.5
That expert in conversation resorted to the third of the fourth strategies   to create difference of opinion between the monkeys.                                                                                                                                          54.6
When all the monkeys had different viewpoints , Hanuman frightened Angadha  by telling many frightening words  along with a mixture of anger   and tricks.                                                                     54.7
“Oh Son of Tara , in war you are more efficient than your  father  and so you can control the  monkey kingdom more firmly your father.”                                                                                                                   54.8
“Oh Monkey , all monkeys are always with a vacillating mind  and so leaving their sons and wives , they would not be under your command forever.”                                                                                               54.9
“I am directly and frankly telling you that  all the monkeys are not going to be obedient o you .Neither Jambhavan, Nala,  the great monkey Suhothra , nor even myself  agree with your opinion  and it is not possible for you to influence any of these monkeys using Sama, Dhana, Bhedha and Danda  methods .
“It is said that if a strong man wages a war with a weak one, then the weak  should not resist  but watch patiently for a suitable opportunity  and never wage a war.”                                                                  54.12
“If you think that it is safe to stay in this cave , please remember that  for Lakshmana ’s arrows breaking open this cave  is a petty task.”                                                                                                                     54.13
“Earlier Indra has done some small damage to this cave by throwing his thunderbolt  but Lakshmana with his sharp arrows can tear it up like a leaf cup.”                                                                               54.14
“Lakshmana has many  types  of such sharp arrows , whose touch has the effect of the thunderbolt  and they can even split the mountain.”                                                                                                             54.15
“Oh scorcher of enemies , if you take a decision to stay here , immediately all these monkeys would decide  and they would go away.”                                                                                                              54.16
“They would all be agitated on thinking about their wives and children  and be depressed to go without food and sleep on these harsh beds  and so they would leave you and go away.”                           54.17
“You who would be deserted by your friends and your well wisher relatives  and you would start getting scared    even with a movement of grass.”                                                                                               54.18
“Those horrible  accurate arrows of Lakshmana which travel fast  sent with a target to kill you  would come with speed and would be unassailable .”                                                                                        54.19
“But if you go along with us and approach Sugreeva with humility , after him Sugreeva     would crown you as the king.”                                                                                                                                            54.20
“The brother of your father  loves Dharma , is pleasure loving , steadfast in his thoughts , pure, and one who upholds his promise  and if you go with us he will not punish you.”                                          54.21
“Your mother is very dear to Sugreeva and is like his soul   and he has no offspring except you   and so you  should go back with us.”                                                                                                                     54.22

This is the end of the  fifty  fourth     chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

55.Angadha decides  to fast unto death

(Angadha lists the bad actions and qualities of Sugreeva and tells that if he returns Sugreeva would punish him greatly. He prefers  to fast unto death . All other monkeys join him.)

Hearing these humble words of Hanuman , which were according  to Dharma  and full of devotion to the king  Angadha told.                                                                                                                                                55.1
“Stable behaviour , self purity , compassion , frankness , valour and bravery are  not  to be seen in Sugreeva.”                                                                                                                                                               55.2
“He made his elder brother’s wife  as his even when his brother was alive , who according to Dharma is equivalent to his mother  which is a despicable act  and what does he know of Dharma  when he closed the door of the cave when his  great  elder brother was  fighting against  his enemy.”                55.3-55.4
“He had forgotten  the very famous Rama  who had given his hand in solemn vow to him  who helped him  in completion of his act  and whose help will he remember.”                                                           55.5
“He has ordered for the search of Sita because  of his fear towards Lakshmana but  not being afraid of transgression of Dharma .How can such a man be righteous?”                                                                55.6
“HE is a sinner, ungrateful one , one who does not have memory  and fickle minded  and which respect one will have belief in him or one born in his family.”                                                                               55.7
“My advisors are holding different views. I have offended the king and lost my power. How can I live in Kishkinda like an orphan in this weak condition?”                                                                                    55.8
“Whether a son has good or bad character he would be installed on the throne  and would Sugreeva like me,  who belongs to his enemies family?”                                                                                                   55.9
“That Sugreeva who is adamant , cruel and treacherous   would award me a secret punishment and would get me imprisoned.”                                                                                                                           55.10
“I would prefer   fasting unto death rather  than  cruel imprisonment  and you may permit me to do see  and go back.”                                                                                                                                                       55.11
“I am taking an oath that I would not go back to the Kishkinda city  and I would fast un to death and that will bring more  fame to me.”                                                                                                                           55.12
“Please  inform about my salutations to  the very strong Raghava and also  enquire about his welfare and  inform   salutations to Sugreeva the king of monkeys who is my father’s younger brother.”      55.13
“Enquire from me  the health and welfare  from my mother as well as Ruma in my own words  and you should also console my mother.”                                                                                                                     55.14
“By nature she is very compassionate and loves me who is her son  as well as saintly. As soon as she hears about my death , she will give up her life.”                                                                                        55.15
After telling all this and after saluting all elders , Angadha  laid down on Durbha grass crying  and became disheartened.                                                                                                                                     55.16
The bull among monkeys seeing him lying down  on the floor cried  and were seen shedding hot tears  from their eyes.                                                                                                                                              55.17
All of them surrounded Angadha, who has decided to fast under death ,  blamed Sugreeva, praised Vali .
After understanding the opinion of son of Vali  , the monkey chiefs sipped little of water  and facing east laid  down  on Dharbha grass   with their  edges pointing to the south , in front of the sea.   55.19-55.20
Those scared monkeys  talked about Rama’s coming to the forest, Dasaratha ’s death , the killing of Rakshasas in Janasthana, the death of Jatayu , abduction of Sita , Vali ‘s death and the great   anger of Rama.                                                                                                                                                       55.21-55.22
When the monkeys , who were like  the peaks  of mountains were trying to lay down, a huge resounding sound was heard   from  inside the cave   of that mountain and resembled  the thundering sound of stormy clouds.                                                                                                                                          55.23-55.24

This is the end of the  fifty  fifth      chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

56. Sampathi hears about death of  Jatayu

(Sampathi who is wingless comes out of his cave  and feels happy that he can eat all those monkeys. Angadha seeing him talks about Jatayu      who gave up his life for the sake of Sita.)

A  deathless vulture king  named Sampathi, the brother of Jatayu  who was prosperous and famous for his strength  came to the mountainside  where  all those monkeys were seated  aiming  for  fasting  unto death.                                                                                                                                                               56.1-56.2
Coming out of the cave of that great Vindhya mountain  and then seeing those monkeys seated there he became happy  and told these words.                                                                                                               56.3
“ They say that In this world destiny  comes in accordance with divine order  and possibly because of that  after a long time so much food has been brought before me .”                                                        56.4
“I would eat all these monkeys   one after another as and when they die “, said the bird after   seeing those monkeys.                                                                                                                                                     56.5
Angadha hearing the words of the bird  greedily waiting for food saying that he has  now got the food,   became very dejected  and told Hanuman.                                                                                                   56.6
“You please see , that  Vaivaswatha  who is the God of death  Yama has arrived  in the form of Sita  to kill all the monkeys.”                                                                                                                                                56.7
“Rama’s work   has not been done and Sugreeva ‘s  words  have not been carried out  and this great and unknown danger has befallen on the monkeys. “                                                                                        56.8
“You must have heard about the activities done in detail   by Jatayu   the king of vultures  for the  sake of affection he  had with Sita .”                                                                                                                            56.9
“Thus all the beings born out of different type of wombs   are trying to please Rama , even by giving up their life , just like  us.”                                                                                                                                   56.10
“All of them help each other   due to their love and compassion  and Jatayu   for the sake of helping him gave up his own life.”                                                                                                                                         56.11
“ The righteous Jatayu tried to help  Rama  and we have got exhausted  and now are giving up our life  as have not been able to see Sita in the forests that we searched.”                                                              56.12
“ That  happy vulture king was  killed by Ravana in battle  and we are going to attain salvation  to get rid of the fear  of Sugreeva.”                                                                                                                                 56.13
“Due to the death of Jatayu and that  of Dasaratha  as well as the  abduction of Sita  , all the monkeys are in   a doubtful  situation.”                                                                                                                         56.14
“The living  in the forest of  Rama and Lakshmana along with Sita , the killing of Vali  by one arrow of Rama  and death of several Rakshasas  in the hand of Rama  are all  the evil consequences  due to  granting of boon to Kaikeyi .”                                                                                                              56.15-56.16
Hearing that very sad narration  from the monkeys who were lying on the ground . that very wise king  of vultures was greatly shaken up mentally .                                                                                             56.17

This is the end of the  fifty sixth      chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

57.Angadha tells their story to Sampathi

(The monkeys feel the vulture would eat them all  and Angadha tell Sampathi  the story of Rama   as well as  their story till that time.)

Though  monkey commanders heard  the husky voice  of the vulture  , they did not  believe him because  his actions may be different .                                                                                                                               57.1
Those monkeys who were sitting  to give up their souls , seeing that vulture  became furious thinking  that ,”This vulture would eat us all.”                                                                                                                  57.2
“If it wishes to eat us who   are sitting here for giving up life , then by giving up our life in a speedy manner , we would  become happy  of that achievement ,”                                                                        57.3
When all the monkey lords made  up their mind this way , some of them went up the  mountain and brought the vulture down and Angadha  spoke to it.                                                                                    57.4
“Oh bird,   Riksharaja     a valorous and outstanding monkey who was the king  of monkeys was my noble grandfather .Sugreeva and Vali  are his sons  and both of them were greatly strong  and my father Vali , who was renowned all over the world  became the king.”                                                                 57.5-57.6
“From the family of Ikshuvaku there was  a great charioteer  called Rama who was the son of Dasaratha , as per the instructions of his father  and upholding righteous  character  along with his brother Lakshmana and wife  Vaidehi   started living in Dandakaranya.”                                                      57.7-57.8
“His wife was abducted by Ravana using force  and the  great vulture called Jatayu  who was the friend of Rama’s father , saw that princess of Videha being abducted.”                                                              57.9
“He made Ravana chariot less and also  held over Maithili   but by then he was greatly tired  and that old one was killed in battle by Ravana.”                                                                                                             57.10
“Thus that vulture was killed by the might of Ravana  and Rama performed his funeral rites and he attained  salvation.”                                                                                                                                          57.11
“Then Rama entered in to a treaty with  Sugreeva my father’s brother  and killed my father , because my father was against Sugreeva and all his ministers  and Rama after killing my father  crowned Sugreeva.”
“After establishing  Sugreeva  as  the king  , the king of all monkeys sent all the monkey chiefs to different places and we have come here.”                                                                                                  57.14
“And as per instruction of Rama we are  searching  for Vaidehi  here and there  in all places  and like the sun at night . we have not been able to get her.”                                                                                     57.15
“After searching Dandakaranya extremely well  , due to ignorance we fell in to a great hole  which is widely opened.”                                                                                                                                             57.16
“When we were searching in that hole created by the magic of Maya , the  one month time   fixed by our king  for the search got over .”                                                                                                                     57.17
“We all, who are supposed to  execute the orders  of the monkey king , since the time limit got exceeded , became  scared and decided to give up our life by fasting.”                                                                57.18
“When we go back exceeding our time limit the angry  Rama, Sugreeva and Lakshmana would kill all of us  .”                                                                                                                                                               57.19

This is the end of the  fifty seventh       chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

58. Sampathi tells about Lanka

(Sampathi first tells his story and   about his younger brother Jatayu. He tells them that he had seen Sita being carried away by Ravana. He tells monkeys that Sita is in Lanka with Ravana and  this Lanka is one hundred yojanas from the southern tip. He offers water oblations to his brother.)

When the monkeys who had decided to give up their life told these pitiable words , that vulture with thunder like voice   spoke with tears in his eye.                                                                                             58.1
“Oh monkeys , him whom you called as Jatayu , who was killed  by the very strong Ravana in battle is my brother .”                                                                                                                                                               58.2
“Due to being old as well as not having wings  and not having strength ,  I have to give up the  thought  of retaliating against my brother’s enemy .”                                                                                                 58.3
“Once upon a time when Vrithra was being killed by Indra , we both wanting to surpass each other , flew very near the sun  who had  scorching rays that can burn.”                                                                      58.4
“With very great speed we went towards   the sun by the way  of the sky  but when it became noon  Jatayu started  floundering.”                                                                                                                           58.5
“When I saw my brother being scorched by the rays of the sun , I started covering my brother who was greatly  fretful by my wings due to my great love.”                                                                                  58.6
“Oh monkey chiefs , when my wings were completely burnt  I fell on this Vindhya mountain  and I have been living here without being  able  to  know about the welfare of my brother.”                          58.7
When Sampathi the brother of Jatayu spoke this way to Angadha , that very wise Yuvaraja Angadha   replied him as follows.                                                                                                                                58.8
“If you are the brother of Jatayu and have heard about what  I told praising him, do  you know   about the whereabouts of that Rakshasa .”                                                                                                              58.9
“If you are able to know the position which is  nearby or at a distance   of that king of Rakshasas    who is not far sighted , please do tell us.”                                                                                                           58.10
Then that elder brother of Jatayu  who was greatly lustrous  told the self benefitting words  which would make the monkeys very happy .                                                                                                               58.11
“Oh monkeys I am a vulture with burnt wings who has lost his valour  and I would do the best possible service to Rama by my words.”                                                                                                                 58.12
“I know about the land of Varuna, about Vishnu as Trivikrama , the battle between devas and asuras  and also about the churning of nectar.”                                                                                                 58.13
“My first and important duty is to help in this  job of Rama  , though my vigour has almost gone to old age  and my soul is in the last stages.”                                                                                                   58.14
“I have seen a very pretty young lady wearing all ornaments  being carried away the very bad  Ravana and that pretty lady was shouting ‘Rama, Rama” and “Lakshmana, Lakshmana”  and she was throwing her ornaments and trying to wriggle  and set herself free .”                                                    58.15-58.16
“Like the rays of sun  on the top of the mountain, the silk that she was wearing  was shining on that Rakshasa  and lighting up this black ocean.”                                                                                          58.17
“Since she was calling for Rama, I think that she is Sita  and please hear about the location of that Rakshasa , which I will presently tell.”                                                                                                     58.18
“He is the son of sage Visravas and the brother of Khubera himself  and he is known as Ravana and presides over the city of Lanka.”                                                                                                              58.19
“This is an island which is one hundred yojanas from here  and that pretty town of Lanka was built by Viswakarma.”                                                                                                                                                58.20
“It has  a gate made of gold  with amazing doors , with golden verandahs. It has multi storey buildings of golden colour  which are evenly made  and it has gigantic ramparts   of the colour of the sun.”  58.21
“And there lives the pitiable Vaidehi dressed in silk   and guarded well   by Rakshasis  in the private apartments of Ravana and you can see Maithili  the daughter of king Janaka .”                  58.22-58.23
“Oh monkeys , quickly with great speed reach the edge of the southern ocean  and hundred yojanas from there Lanka surrounded by the ocean is secretly ensconced. The other tip of the sea , which is Lanka  is one hundred yojanas from that end of southern ocean  and once you reach there , you would be able to see Ravana.”                                                                                                                   58.24-58.25
“By my foresight , I see you landing in Lanka  and also I am able to see  you returning   from there . The path in the sky is of different levels. The first flight level of birds is that of the small Kulinga birds, house sparrows, songbirds and the others who  like subsisting on food-grains. The second flight level is that of the birds that are the eaters of leftovers like crows and doves, or the eaters of tree-fruits like parrots. The third flight level is that of the wading birds like Bhaasa, Krauncha, Kurara birds and cranes, herons and the like. The fourth flight level is that of hawks and the fifth is that of the vultures.”   58.26-58.27
“And the sixth flight level is that of the swans which derive their valour, vigour, handsomeness and youthfulness by their majestic birth. But the uppermost path is that of the sons of Lady Vinita, namely the Divine Eagle Garuda, and Anuuru, the non-stopping charioteer of Sun. Because we vultures  have our lineal descent from the Divine vulture , we can soar to the uppermost flyable path and see properly.”
“A deplorable deed is  done  by  that Rakshasa  and when you take revenge on him , my enmity towards him due to my brother   would also be avenged.”                                                                                     58.30
“From here I am able to see clearly Ravana  as well as Janaki , for I have powerful eye sight like the divine Garuda.”                                                                                                                                                58.31
“Oh monkeys due to the power of our food  and our descent  . we would be able to see  till the end  one hundred yojanas  any time.”                                                                                                                          58.32
“By our nature the food meant for us is rare   and far away but for cocks  who are the leg fighters , their food  is near their legs.”                                                                                                                                 58.33
“Think of some method for crossing this ocean of salt  and then you will see Vaidehi , safely return and go to your places.”                                                                                                                                         58.34
“I would like you to move me near the sea , which is the home of Varuna  , so that I can offer water  oblations  to my great brother who has gone to heaven.”                                                                     58.35
With great dynamism, then the monkeys  moved Sampathi   who had burnt his wings near to the sea  which is the husband of all rivers  and placed him near the shore .Then again they brought that Lord of all birds   to the original place where he was  and they were ready now  to do their job with a gladdened heart.                                                                                                                                                        58.36-58.37

This is the end of the  fifty eighth  chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

59.Sampathi tells how he heard of Sita

(Suparswa one day saw Ravana      who was abducting Sita. When Ravana   begged him , he left him free and sages applauded him for leaving Sita alive.  From the sages Suparswa knew about   Sita and Ravana. )

Hearing the words spoken by the king of vultures  which was as tasty as nectar  all the monkey chiefs rejoiced.                                                                                                                                                                  59.1
The monkey chief  Jambhavan along with all other monkeys  got up from earth and told  to the vulture king.                                                                                                                                                                        59.2
“Where is Sita?  Who saw her? Who abducted Maithili? Sir, kindly tell us   who live in the forest in detail.”                                                                                                                                                                   59.3
“On whom would the arrows of Rama  , fall like thunderbolts? On whom would the arrows of matchless onslaught sent by Lakshmana would fall?’                                                                                                       59.4
To those monkeys  who had  decided against immolation and who were desirous of learning about Sita , he told the following further words so as to console them.                                                                         59.5
“Now please listen to me how Vaidehi was abducted  and about who told me about it and  where is the wide eyed one ?”                                                                                                                                                  59.6
“I fell on this mountain which is very many yojanas broad  and afterwards I have become very old   and also greatly weakened.”                                                                                                                                      59.7
“I am being looked after by  my son who is named as Suparswa  who is the best among birds  and he  feeds me at proper times .”                                                                                                                              59.8
“Gandharwas   are greatly passionate , snakes are greatly  angry , deer are greatly afraid and vultures are greatly hungry.”                                                                                                                                                   59.9
“One day when I was greatly hungry and was thirsting for some food, Suparswa  arrived without any flesh after the sun has set.”                                                                                                                             59.10
“I  reproved him  because I was deprived of food and he who enhances  my happiness  narrated to me these sentences about what has happened.”                                                                                               59.11
“I who was desirous of collecting  flesh flew in the sky at the proper time in search of it  and going near the Mahendra mountain , I flew  round it.”                                                                                                   59.12
“There all by myself I was   trying to block the way of thousands of under water beings  inside the sea by looking downwards.”                                                                                                                                           59.13
“There I saw a lady   who was having  the luster of the rising sun  being taken away  by one who  was like heap of black mascara.”                                                                                                                                      59.14
“Seeing them I decided to have them as our food  but he begged  me  to leave him and go my way .” 
“IN this world those who beg you should not be  hurt  by even base people , then what of  beings like  me.”                                                                                                                                                                        59.16
“Then he with the luster  of  his vigour   went speedily away  and then all those beings who populated the sky applauded  me.”                                                                                                                                      59.17
“Those great saints told me, “Sita is now left alive  and she would go back  without any doubt with her consort.”                                                                                                                                                                59.18
“Those greatly lustrous and auspicious sages  informed me  that he is Ravana the king of Rakshasas and also told me, “ see  the wife of Dasaratha ‘s son and Janaka ‘s daughter , without ornaments  and with disorderly and vanquished   silk  apparel  and hear her wail , “Oh Rama, Oh Lakshmana.”’ 59.19-59.20
“And that best among those who converses   told me  that “The delay is due to this.”  And this is what in entirety   what Suparswa  told me.”                                                                                                             59.21
“Even after I listened it to him  , the thought of fighting with Ravana did not arise in my mind, for how can a wingless bird fight   with such a one.”                                                                                                59.22
“But what I can do is the work with my word , brain  and character  and so please hear me and take action depending on your male vigour.”                                                                                                       59.23
“I feel I have done all that I could do help you with my words and intelligence as I too am interested  , without any doubt to help Rama.”                                                                                                                  59.24
“You are all intelligent , strong and have also will power  and that is why the monkey king has selected   and sent you here.”                                                                                                                                            59.25
“The painful arrows of Rama and Lakshmana  , attached with wings of eagles is enough to give pain to all the world  and defend or offend it.”                                                                                                             59.26
“The ten headed  Ravana  has luster as well as  strength but is engulfed in passion  but since you  are  all very efficient, there is nothing  that is impossible for you.”                                                                       59.27
“Though  a lapse   of time has taken place , since you have mental determination , you would  not back track on any job and finish it successfully .”                                                                                                    59.28

This is the end of the  fifty ninth chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

60.Sampathi and sage Nisakara

(Jatayu and Sampathi used to often visit a sage   called Nisakara. After falling down on Vindhya mountains, Sampathi went and met sage Nisakara. The saint enquired with Sampathi as to wht has happened to his wings)

Then after the vulture finished its ablations and bath  all the monkeys sat surrounding him on that  pretty  mountain.                                                                                                                                                 60.1
That vulture Sampathi surrounded by all monkeys  and Angadha sitting near him , caused great trust  among them  and again started talking.                                                                                                           60.2
“Oh monkeys  , be silent   and hear   with a concentrated mind , because I want to tell you , how I came to know about Maithili.”                                                                                                                          60.3
“Oh matchless Angadha , Earlier I had fallen on the Vindhya mountain  being burnt   down   by the rays of Sun .”                                                                                                                                                                60.4
“For six days and nights I had lost my consciousness  and after that  on looking I could not recognize the difference in directions .”                                                                                                                                   60.5
“Then on seeing oceans, mountains and rivers  and all the lakes  and forests , I could regain my senses.”  
“Since the mountain was  teeming with  groups of birds , caves , midriffs , peaks  and seeing the shore of  the southern ocean, I decided  that  it was Vindhya.”                                                                                60.7
“There was  the holy hermitage of  the sage Nisakara  , who was engaged  in harsh penance  there and this used to be even visited by  devas.”                                                                                                        60.8
“That great sage  an expert in Dharma left to heaven  earlier , I continued to live in this  sages mountain for the last eight thousand years.”                                                                                                              60.9
“With great difficulty I continued to  live on the mountain sides    onerously and slowly and  the sharp  Durbha  started growing on earth                                                                                                            60.10
“Since I wanted to see the sage  , I  went speedily with anguish  that hermitage , because earlier me and Jatayu had gone   to meet him several  times.”                                                                                     60.11
“Near about the hermitage the wind carried perfume  as no tree was flowerless  and no tree  was fruitless.”                                                                                                                                                      60.12
“I reached near the auspicious hermitage   and waited near a root of a tree  with a great desire of seeing that sage  Nisakara.”                                                                                                                                  60.13
“Then I saw that unassailable sage at a distance shining like fire  and he was returning after   taking bath   with him facing the  north.”                                                                                                                     60.14
“I saw bears, antelopes , tigers, lions  and diverse  reptiles and snakes  following him  , like the living beings  follow Brahma.”                                                                                                                           60.15
“Just like  all the ministers and army  retreat once the king reaches his home , all the beings accompanying sage went back when    the  sage reached his hermitage .”                                  60.16
“On seeing me the saint was greatly pleased   and he again came out of the hermitage within a very short time  and asked me the purpose of my visit.”                                                                          60.17
“Oh gentle one , on  seeing your deformity  of your hairs which  makes you difficult to be identified I feel sad. Only your wings are burnt but you are alive still.”                                                                   60.18
“I have seen both of you vultures earlier  both equivalent to the  fire God  and both of you were having the speed of wind and could change  your form as per your wish.”                                             60.19
“ Are you not really the  elder brother   and Jatayu your younger   brother  and both of you used to touch my feet taking human forms. “                                                                                                            60.20
“Did your wings fall down due to some disease or has this suffering been imposed on you by some one , you may please tell.”                                                                                                                               60.21

This is the end of the  sixtieth  chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

61. Story of how Sampathi burnt its wings.

(Sampathi tells the sage  how while trying to protect Jatayu, its wings got burnt . )

Then I informed the sage about the impossible and horrifying act done by me  of following   the Sun when it was red  hot .                                                                                                                                    61.1
“Oh God like sage , due to my body being wounded I am  feeling ashamed  and with senses  greatly disturbed  and also being exhausted , I am not able to reply you.”                                                     61.2
“Me and Jatayu   , both of us being valorous ,  with a passion for competing with each other,  flew very high in the sky .”                                                                                                                                             61.3
“On the mountain of Kailasa before the sages we bet with each other that we would be able to fly with the Sun from sun rise to sun set.”                                                                                                              61.4
“Then both of us saw  from the top of the sky simultaneously  , the cities of the earth  one after another passing  like Chariot wheels.”                                                                                                                      61.5
“At some places we heard  sounds of musical instruments, in some places , the chanting of Vedas  and  the songs sung by ladies wearing red garments.”                                                                                   61.6
“Quickly flying on the sky and following the path of the Sun  we saw many forests which looked like lawns to both of us.”                                                                                                                                   61.7
“The earth with its very many tall mountains appeared as if it was covered with pebbles and the  rivers of the earth appeared  like threads.”                                                                                                      61.8
“The great mountains like Meru, Himalayas and Vindhyas  appeared  in the earth like  elephants wandering in shiny reservoir.”                                                                                                                   61.9
“Then both of us felt intense sweat  and fear while we were journeying like that  and we also experiences bad delusions and stupor.”                                                                                                61.10
“I did not know about any direction , south , south east and west appeared to be same and the world appeared as if it was being burnt   by the fire at deluge.”                                                                  61.11
“My brain power got deranged and with great effort  depending only on my eye sight , I struggled to make my mind focused on my sight  on the Sun which appeared    as big as earth to me.”   
“Then without telling me Jatayu started  falling down on earth  and seeing that I too started  getting freedom from the sky.”                                                                                                                              61.14
“I prevented Jatayu from being burnt by covering him with my wings  and accidentally my wings got burnt and I fell   in to the path of the wind.”                                                                                          61.15
“I guessed that Jatayu fell on Janasthana but I  with burnt wings and devoid  of consciousness  fell  on the Vindhyas.”                                                                                                                                              61.16
“Losing my kingdom, my brother , my wings and my valour , I desired to fall down from the top of the mountain and die.”                                                                                                                                     61.17

This is the end of the  sixty first  chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

62. Sage tells Sampathi  that he would get back its wings

(The sage then narrates   what would happen to rama when he comes to the forest. He tells Sampathi    to  inform about it to the monkeys. He assures him that , then he would get back his wings.)

“When I addressed the great sage this way   , roaring with pain and sorrow  , that   God like sage meditated for a moment     and replied.”                                                                                              62.1
“In future you will get back your wings as well as feathers  and you will also get your life , your eyes , valour as well as strength.”                                                                                                                       62.2
“I have earlier  heard that you would do a very great job  and I have seen it also by the power of my penance.”                                                                                                                                                    62.3
“There will be a king called Dasaratha in the Ikshuvaku clan and he will have    a son Rama    who would be greatly  lustrous.”                                                                                                                                62.4
“Rama who is valorous in truth    would go to the forest along with his brother Lakshmana  , sent there by their own father .”                                                                                                                                    62.5
“Ravana the king of Rakshasas who cannot be killed by asuras   and dhanavas   would abduct  the wife of Rama from Janasthana which is in the south-east.”                                                                                 62.6
“That Maithili  in spite of being forced would not enjoy pleasures  nor eat food  and that famous one   would be immersed  in sorrow.”                                                                                                                 62.7
“That food which is difficult for even devas   to get and which is like nectar  would be offered to Vaidehi knowing well that  she was not taking food.”                                                                                             62.8
“When that food reaches  her , understanding that it has been provided by Indra , she would take a large portion of it   and offer  it to Rama on this earth.”                                                                                     62.9
She would say,” If my husband is alive with Lord Lakshmana  or if they have attained heaven , let this food be enjoyed by them.”                                                                                                                            62.10
“The monkey messengers of Rama would come here  in search of her , then you the bird   should  narrate to them   about Sita.”                                                                                                                        62.11
“Where can you go and you be on the mountain always  waiting for the time and place  when your wings would grow again.”                                                                                                                                           62.12
“I am not encouraging to get  wings now itself , you please remain here itself     for doing a great job  for the benefit of the world.”                                                                                                                                 62.13
“You would not only be doing   a help to the sons of the king  but also  would be helping the Brahmins,  devas, sages and  all those  who live here.”                                                                                                  62.14
“I also would like to see  Rama and Lakshmana  but I do not want to hold   my soul in my body till then” thus told the great sage .”                                                                                                                                62.15

This is the end of the  sixty second  chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

63.Sampathi gets back his wings

(Sampathi tells how he  told his son that he should have saved Sita. Then Sampathi gets back his wings  and flies away.)

“That expert in conversation told  me these and also several other  things  to encourage  me  and then went back to his own home .”                                                                                                                             63.1
“Moving like a snake  , slowly and slowly I came down from that  Vindhya  mountain and I have been waiting for you.”                                                                                                                                                     63.2
“As of now , a little more than hundred years have elapsed  and preserving the words of the sage , I have been waiting for the proper time and place .”                                                                                                   63.3
‘Sage Nisakara has undertaken the great journey and has reached  the heaven  and I am burning with sorrow , with mind thinking of various strategies.”                                                                                         63.4
“Whenever my mind thought  of death,  I used to think of the words of the sage  and thinking about  you, I have been protecting my life  and I have been driving away my sorrow like a raging fire drives away darkness.”                                                                                                                                                     63.5
I abused my son using harsh words, “:Knowing  the  valour of that evil minded Ravana, why did you not protect her?”                                                                                                                                                         63.6
“Having heard the wailing of Sita and knowing that Rama and Lakshmana were not with her    and also knowing my friendship  , why did you not protect her.”                                                                                63.7
While he was speaking this way with the monkeys , in front of those who lived  in the forest , his wings started   growing.                                                                                                                                                    63.8
Then seeing that his wings and feathers of red colour  has grown completely , he felt matchlessly happy  and again told the monkeys.                                                                                                                                 63.9
“By the power of Nisakara  who is the most revered soul , my wings which were burnt by the rays of Sun   have grown back again.”                                                                                                                                      63.10
“I am again the same valour that  I had in youth  and I understand that I have  the strength and masculinity like earlier.”                                                                                                                                   63.11
“Always keep on trying to put effort and then you will be able to see  Sita , for the growing of my wings indicates   your success in future.”                                                                                                                  63.12
After saying like this to  all the monkeys , the best among birds Sampathi  flew from the top of the mountain  intending to know the path of the birds.                                                                                   63.13
That tigers among monkeys hearing these  words became greatly happy  and started to anticipate  that their valour would lead them to success.                                                                                                     63.14
Then those great monkeys   who were equal in valour to the wind god ,  having regained their courage  started moving  at  the  Abhijit  auspicious time  , with the intention of searching for the daughter of Janaka.                                                                                                                                                             63.15

This is the end of the  sixty third   chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

64. Monkeys  loose their confidence on seeing the sea

(   When they reach the sea , all of them loose their confidence. Angadha encourages  them and requests them to tell how much distance they can jump.)
Then those lion hearted monkeys  , after being informed by the king of vultures, together   jumped with love  and screamed .                                                                                                                                             64.1
After hearing the words of Sampathi , the monkeys came to sea shore so that  they  can go to the house of Ravana , so that they can have a glimpse  of Sita.                                                                                       64.2
Those greatly valorous  ones after crossing that place , they saw the ocean which   had the  entire world reflected in itself like a mirror .                                                                                                                           64.3
After having reached the northern bank of the southern ocean , they collectively  made a temporary residence   for them there.                                                                                                                                  64.4
In some places the ocean appeared sleeping and in some other places , it was seen as playing  and in some other places it was surrounded by mountain like waves  , and at some other places  it  is teeming with Dhanavas  who live in Patala  and seeing the hair raising scene , the mountain like monkeys despaired.                                                                                                                                                        64.5-64.6
“Seeing that great  ocean which was like the endless    sky  , those monkeys were greatly worried and told each other , “How can we do it?”                                                                                                            64.7
When that army  which was despairing on seeing the  ocean , the lord of the monkeys consoled   them  who were greatly scared.                                                                                                                                  64.8
“Do not get mentally upset  because , because  all work becomes impossible to do by worrying  and worry destroys a person like  an angry serpent kills    a boy.”                                                                    64.9
“He who  controls worry is on the  verge of victory  and the  one who lacks vitality  never gets at     any  individual achievement .”                                                                                                                               64.10
Then  Angadha spent that night along with   those monkey chiefs  and then all the elders again started discussing   thinking   and discussing .                                                                                                           64.11
When the Monkeys stood round Angadha holding a flag , it looked the army of Gods   surrounding Indra.
Who else are capable   to  consolidate   and make obey  the army of monkeys other  than , Angadha , the son of Vali  or for that matter Hanuman.                                                                                                       64.13
That gentle destroyer of enemies Angadha  after  giving due to  respect to the monkey elders  told the following auspicious and meaningful   sentence.                                                                                          64.14
“Who is that lustrous one capable  cross this ocean by jumping  and who can make the enemy destroyer Sugreeva  true to his words?”                                                                                                                            64.15
“ Which  monkey warrior  can jump over the hundred Yojanas  and who among us can get us all rid of the great fear  of Sugreeva?”                                                                                                                             64.16
“By  whose grace would we be able to see our wives  , sons and our home  after we succeed in our aim   and achieve our purpose .”                                                                                                                              64.17
“By whose grace can we approach Rama   , the very strong Lakshmana  , and the very strong Sugreeva   without any worry?”                                                                                                                                          64.18
“If any one of you among the monkeys  is capable  to jump over the ocean , let him give  us all  the very divine  protection.”                                                                                                                                            64.19
After they heard the words of Angadha  none of them spoke any word  and the entire monkey army seemed to have been dumbfounded.                                                                                                            64.20
Then again the great monkey Angadha asked   all those monkeys “You are all the best among the strong ones  with stable  valorousness , born in great families   and ones who are adored again and again.”
“There is no restriction about   who should do it or when it should be done  and so bull among monkeys please tell one  by one as how much distance you can jump over.”                                                         64.22

This is the end of the  sixty fourth    chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

65. The capacity of different monkeys

(All monkeys tell how much they can jump . But it is less than one hundred yojanas. Angadha said that he can jump hundred yojanas but not confidant whether he can jump back. Jambhavan says that he is their leader   and so he should not do this task and points at Hanuman.)

After hearing these words of Angadha  , all those  bull like monkeys  told in a serial  order   their capacity  to leap  distances . This was told by Gaja, Gavaksha , Gavaya, Sharabha, Gandhamadhana , Mainda,  Dwividha , Sushena and Jambhavan.                                                                                                       65.1-65.2
Then afterwards Gaja told that he can leap ten yojanas   and Gavaksha    told that he can leap twenty yojanas .                                                                                                                                                                65.3
Then Gavaya said to the  other monkeys  'I can reach thirty yojanas; Sarabha said to th monkeys  'I can leap forty yojanas'; Bright Gandhamadana said 'I can leap and cover a distance of fifty yojanas without any doubt'; Mainda said 'I can leap more than sixty yojanas'; highly brilliant Dvivida said in turn 'I can no doubt leap over seventy yojanas '; Brilliant and best of the monkeys Sushena declared 'I can leap over eighty yojanas”                                                                                                                                          65.4-65.9
When they were all reporting about their individual capacities , then the very old Jambhavan  told like this.                                                                                                                                                                   65.10
“Once upon a time I was also greatly capable like these  but  becoming old like  many of us , I cannot  reach the other shore.”                                                                                                                                 65.11
“But under the present circumstance we cannot neglect this job  as the king of the monkeys as well as Rama have determined that   this should be done.”                                                                               65.12
“Even at this present age due to the change of time , you may please know my capacity  for without any doubt I can leap  ninety Yojanas.,”                                                                                                              65.13
To all those monkey lords Jambhavan  again told “My valour  and power was not limited to that  extent when I was young earlier.”                                                                                                                            65.14
“Earlier when Mahabali was carrying out the fire   sacrifice  and when the birth less  Vishnu took the form of Trivikrama  , I had gone round him.”                                                                                             65.15
“Now I am an old monkey and have   only slow   valour  but in my youth I had matchless   valour and power.”                                                                                                                                                             65.16
“At this time , I guess   that my power  to go has come down  and I would not be  able   to succeed in a job of this extent.”                                                                                                                                           65.17
Then the very wise and great monkey Angadha  addressed  the great  and lofty Jambhavan  and told him about his capacity .”                                                                                                                                        65.18
“I have got the power to   cover   this great distance of hundred yojanas  but I am not very sure whether I have    the capacity to return from there.”                                                                                              65.19
The Great monkey Jambhavan who was   an expert in using words  , “Oh best among the monkeys and bears , your capacity to cover this distance is well known.  “                                                                  65.20
“If you desire you jump  hundred or even a thousand yojanas  and also energy  to return  but it is not proper to entrust  you with that duty.”                                                                                                      65.21
“Oh Lad, the one who orders and is the boss  is never deputed to a job but only servant  is deputed as Oh  great monkey   , all the monkeys here   are meant  to serve you.”                                                65.22
“Oh scorcher  of enemies , Oh Angadha, in this group you  are our  lord and so we are bound to protect you like our wife.”                                                                                                                                           65.23
“Oh destroyer of enemies, for the job that   we have now undertaken, you are  like the root    and so we  are bound to protect you like our wife.”                                                                                                    65.24
“A statesman protects   the  root of a  matter   with care  because only when it is intact we can get  fruits   as well    as flowers.”                                                                                                                                     65.25
“Oh  truthfully courageous one  , oh destroyer of enemies , you are the real means by which we can achieve  our task as you are  endowed with valour and wisdom.”                                                       65.26
Oh best among the monkeys,  you are the son of  our elder as well as the elder  and only by depending on you , we can achieve our objective .”                                                                                                    65.27
When the great monkey   who was very wise told these  appropriate   words, Angadha  , the son of Vali replied  by these words.                                                                                                                               65.28
“If I do not go and no other monkey goes , oh great monkey , then again all of us to give away  our life by fasting.”                                                                                                                                                           65.29
“If I do not fulfill the duty  assigned  by the great  king of the monkeys , then I do not see  I can keep our life after going there .”                                                                                                                                 65.30
“The  monkey can show  us a pleased or an angry face  but if we do not fulfill the task we will all face total destruction.”                                                                                                                                        65.31
“You are  the only among us   who can show us the final path in this job  and so it is only proper to think about it deeply and suggest a proper means.”                                                                                      65.32
That bull among the monkeys  Jambhavan  ,  having heard Angadha  told these words to him.   65.33
“Oh valorous one , no one would find fault     with you for  not getting this task done  for I will motivate the one person who can do this task.”                                                                                                      65.34
Then that   monkey   chief  pointed out to Hanuman  , who is a chief monkey  who was sitting happily  and quietly without bothering about  and started  motivating him.                                                  65.35

This is the end of the  sixty fifth    chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

66.Jambhavan tells Hanuman that he can do it.

(Jambhavan tells Hanuman his story    and reminds him of his prowess   and tells him that   he can easily do the task.)
After   seeing  the  many  hundreds of thousands of the monkey army who were all worried, Jambhavan     told Hanuman.                                                                                                                                                      66.1
“Oh valorous one , among the world  of monkeys you are the one who is an expert in all shastras. Why are quietly sitting in a lonely place and not speaking  anything?”                                                            66.2
“Oh Hanuman, you are equal to Sugreeva  the king of monkeys  and Rama  and Lakshmana in luster  and strength.”                                                                                                                                                            66.3
“Garuda is  the son of Arishtanemi(Sage Kashyapa) and Vinutha  and is famous as the best among all birds.”                                                                                                                                                                  66.4
“I have seen him  who is strong and famous  and who has great speed many times snatching  away serpents from the sea.”                                                                                                                                  66.5
“The power of your arms is equal   to  the power of his wings and  your power and speed  can  be favourably compared to his power and speed.”                                                                                        66.6
“Oh great monkey, your strength , wisdom  and luster are very great  and superior to all beings , but why are you not realizing this?”                                                                                                                               66.7
“A very famous and great  Apsara maid called Punjikasthala , who well known as Anjana was the wife of a monkey called Kesari.”                                                                                                                                66.8
“She was famous in all the three worlds  and of matchless beauty in this world  and due to a curse she was born as a monkey who could assume any form she likes.”                                                            66.9
“She was the daughter of great monkey  king  called Kunjara  and she took the form of a very pretty  youthful maiden , wearing wonderful garlands  and ornaments  and dressed in cloths of silk  and looking like a proud  rain cloud she was wandering on the top of a mountain.”                                 66.10-66.11
“Then while she was wandering there the wind god made her yellow cloth with red border fly away .”
“Then that wind God saw her curved  and well set thighs  and her  two plump and pretty breasts and her very pretty and pleasing face.”                                                                                                                    66.13
“And  the wind God also saw that famous one with her with very broad hips , slender waist  and well shaped limbs and fell in love with her.”                                                                                                   66.14
“With all his limbs under the control of  God of love , that stainless one lost himself and embraced her with his long arms.”                                                                                                                                      66.15
“That lady of strict virtue  became greatly agitated and asked “who is making  me  disobey the penance of having only one husband.”                                                                                                                      66.16
“Hearing the words of Anjana , the wind God replied , “ Oh auspicious lady, do not get scared I only influenced your mind and not your body.”                                                                                              66.17
“I have  embraced you  and united only  with your mind and so  a son who is courageous and intelligent would be born to you.”                                                                                                                               66.18
“He would be greatly powerful, greatly lustrous  and would have great valour and strength  and in jumping and leaping he would be equal to me.”                                                                                   66.19
“Oh great monkey, your great mother , hearing this was satisfied  and in the cave delivered you as a monkey.”                                                                                                                                                       66.20
“As a  boy seeing the Sun rise and thinking that it is a fruit , you wanted to catch him  and ran towards him and jumped in the sky .”                                                                                                                     66.21
“Though after covering a distance of 300 yojanas , you were  pushed back by the luster of the sun, you did not bother    and went ahead.”                                                                                                        66.22
“Oh monkey seeing you speedily running towards the Sun in space , Indra became angry and threw his Vajrayudha    at you.”                                                                                                                                   66.23
“Thou then fell on the  mountain top with your left jaw(Hanu) broken  and thereafter you became famous with  the name Hanuman.”                                                                                                         66.24
“Seeing you being hit, the wind God who carries the scent   and who breaks trees  became very angry and made the wind not blow in all the three worlds.”                                                                        66.25
“Al the devas got extremely scared and agitated seeing all the three worlds getting disturbed  and  those lords of the world tried to please the angry wind God.”                                                                     66.26
“Then Lord Brahma  was propitiated by  the wind god  , gave you a boon that you cannot be killed by any weapons and that   you would  be valorous in war.”                                                                           66.27
“ Oh Lord Seeing that you are not hurt by the Vajrayudha , the thousand eyed one gave you a boon that you can yourself choose the time of your death. “                                                                              66.28
“You who are greatly valorous   are the son of Kesari and   the legal  Kshetrajna son (Ones own sun produced by divine entities) of wind God  and equal  in luster  to him and oh lad being the son of wind God you   are  equal to him in jumping capability.”                                                                66.29 -66.30
“Though we are now equal to those who have lost their soul  , since you are fully endowed with courage and valour  like the monkey king  and so   you can still save us .”                                      66.31
“Oh lad, when lord Trivikrama was measuring this world  , with its mountains, trees and forests  , I went round him twenty one times.”                                                                                                                       66.32
“Then as per the command of the Gods we collected medicinal herbs  and produced nectar by churning the great ocean  and by  that we had great energy.”                                                                                66.33
“I have now become aged and have lost  much of my valour  and at this time you are the one who has all the good qualities for us.”                                                                                                                              66.34
“ Cheer up and expand yourself  as you are the best among animals that leap  and show your valour to  this army of monkeys who are  desirous   of   seeing it.”                                                                          66.35
“Get up oh tiger among monkeys  and cross this great ocean  as you have the greatest capacity   among all  living beings .”                                                                                                                                            66.36
“Why are you not bothered about all these monkeys with a worried face ?With valour go with great speed like Lord Vishnu  covered the world in three strides. “                                                                66.37
That Hanuman , the son of wind god  who was enthused   by Jambhavan  realized his speed and  greatly increased his    size   , cheered by the monkey army.                                                                              66.38

This is the end of the  sixty sixth    chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

67.Hanuman prepares for the jump to Lanka

(Hanuman assumes a huge figure and climbs on the Mahendra mountain , prepared   to jump to Lanka)

Seeing him expanding in size with a wish  to leap the hundred yojanas  at once  and seeing him filled with valour  those monkeys  left off their   sorrow and  became happy  and cheered him with loud voice   and praised him.                                                                                                                                       67.1-67.2
They all collected together and with great happiness   stared at him  wonderstruck as if Hanuman was going to cross  like Narayana the world  in three steps.                                                                           67.3
Seeing the very strong Hanuman growing in his size , they went round him with happiness shaking their  tails.                                                                                                                                                                      67.4
When he was being praised by all the monkey chiefs , his form was getting up with more and more luster  and he looked matchless .                                                                                                                     67.5
Just like a lion in a mountain cave stretches himself , the legal son of the wind god  stretched himself at that time .                                                                                                                                                             67.6
When he expanded to a great size his face was shining  a frying pan  and like a smokeless  burning fire.  
From the middle of the monkeys Hanuman rose  with furs bristling all over his body  and then after saluting the aged monkeys    he  told.                                                                                                            67.8
“The wind God who is the friend of fire which receives oblations  is very strong  and matchless and wanders in the sky breaking mountain tops.”                                                                                              67.9
“I being  the lawful son of the wind god  , who is the great one who travels with great speed , I can also  leap as much as him .”                                                                                                                                     67.10
“I wish to go round   the Mount Meru which appears    to touch the sky , one thousand times without resting  it.”                                                                                                                                                        67.11
“I am eager to submerge this world which has mountains , rivers and lakes with   the sea  by using the speed of my arms.”                                                                                                                                        67.12
“By the speed of my thighs and shanks  , the sea which is the house of Varuna  would  rise up and stun the mighty crocodiles living there.”                                                                                                           67.13
“I am capable  to go round  thousand   times  the killer of snakes Garuda  who is  being served by other birds  .”                                                                                                                                                            67.14
“O bulls among monkeys! When the Sun rises from the horizon of Udayagiri mountain it is possible for me to start with him and go to the western horizon and return before the blazing Sun garlanded with beams of light sets. It is also possible for me to come to earth with the same speed, without touching the earth and return to face the Sun.”                                                                                            67.15-67.16
“I want to fly along with all the creatures flying on the sky and overtake them  and I can  stir  up the sea and  tear up the earth.”                                                                                                                               67.17
“Oh monkeys, While jumping I can powder mountains  and when I jump I can pull the huge  ocean by the speed of my thighs.”                                                                                                                             67.18
“When I jump through the sky , different class  of climbers , various trees with different type of flowers  would follow me.”                                                                                                                                        67.19
“Oh monkeys when I fly in the sky , it will be a smooth like the path of star Swathi  and When I travel up the terrible sky or  descend from there   all the  creatures   would see me.”                                   67.20
“Oh Monkeys , when I fly in the sky looking like the Meru mountain , it will look like  I am swallowing the sky with speed  as  I would covering the sky with my strides.”                                                            67.21
“I would be scattering the clouds , shaking up the mountains     and would be drying up the sea while I am jumping with a composed mind.”                                                                                                       67.22
“The Garuda as well as the wind god have the power to follow me  and I do not see  any  other creature except Garuda   and the speedy God of wind  have the speed to  fly like me. “                    67.23-67.24
“Just like the lightning  generated   from the sky  flies on the sky  without   any support , I too can land on the earth in a moment .”                                                                                                                             67.25
“When I am leaping over the ocean my form would be like that of Lord Vishnu   advancing with three steps  to cover the world.”                                                                                                                          67.26
“ Oh monkeys   I feel that  by my brain as also by my mind , I would be able to see  Vaidehi and become happy.”                                                                                                                                                           67.27
“In speed I am equal to wind God and Garuda  and I feel that  I would be able to cover  a distance of ten thousand Yojanas .”                                                                                                                                    67.28
“I can bring the nectar even if it is held by the self created Brahma   or  Indra holding Vajrayudha. I can even uproot the island of Lanka and bring it here.”                                                                            67.29
All those chief of monkeys were happily staring at  the sky to see him  with exceedingly great luster who was roaring  with great sense of surprise .                                                                                            67.30
Hearing his words   which were able to remove the sorrow from his friends and relatives , the great monkey Jambhavan who was exceedingly happy told.                                                                        67.31
“Oh valorous one, Oh son of Kesari , Oh son of the very swift Wind God , oh Lad, you have removed the sorrow from the mind of your friends and relatives.”                                                                          67.32
“Those monkeys who desire for your welfare    would join together  and would devotedly pray    for  auspicious  ending of the job that you are going to undertake.”                                                       67.33
“By the grace of great sages    and the wish of the monkey elders and by the grace of your teachers , let you cross the great ocean.”                                                                                                                        67.34
“Waiting for your arrival back all the monkeys  would stand on one leg  because the life of all those forest dwellers  depend on you.”                                                                                                             67.35
Then the tiger among monkeys Hanuman told those forest dwellers, “This earth would not be able to bear   the speed with which I jump.”                                                                                                       67.36
“Perhaps the Mahendra mountain paved with  huge stones and boulders  and which is firm  , may withstand my speed of jumping.”                                                                                                           67.37
“I will gather my speed from the peaks of Mahendra  mountain  which has got different types of trees as well as ores.”                                                                                                                                               67.38
“Oh great monkeys , when I  use the crushing force with my feet to jump hundred yojanas , perhaps these mountain peaks can withstand it.”                                                                                               67.39
Then that son of Wind God , who was eminent as wind god and the crusher of enemies ascended the great mountain Mahendra which was inhabited by deer and on grassy lands full of trees, fragrant vines bearing flowers thickly grown ever in bloom with flowers and fruits where lions and tigers wander, proud elephants frequent, intoxicated birds make sounds of different kinds and full of waterfalls.
That  very strong monkey chief who was equal in prowess to great Indra  started climbing   that  great peaks   of   that Mahendra mountain .                                                                                                67.43
When that great one crushed the  great Mahendra mountain by his feet , that mountain trumpeted  like a great elephant struck by the  feet of a lion.                                                                                    67.44
That widely scattered  rocks of the mountain released  water , animals and elephants got greatly scared . and the great trees started shaking   due to that feet  crushing.                                                    67.45
The vast slopes of that great mountain were being deserted by pairs of Gandharwas  intoxicated with drinks  and behaving crudely; and by birds and groups of  Vidhyadharas  flying away at that time. The serpents were seen hiding, pebbles of stone were seen falling from the shaken mountain.67.46-67.47
With snakes popping up halfway through their snake-pits with their hoods swaying and tongues hissing that earth-borne mountain Mahendra appeared to be a gleaming mountain with flying flags.       67.48
Alarmed and agitated sages abandoned that mountain and forest appeared  like a lonely traveler   separated  from its friends.                                                                                                                              67.49
That noble   and  heroic monkey  who possessed great speed who was the destroyer of enemy warriors  , fixing his  composed  mind on generating great speed , mentally reached Sri Lanka,                        67.50

This is the end of the  sixty seventh     chapter  Of  the book  of Kishkinda   of the holy Ramayana   composed by Valmiki  as the  first epic.

End of Kishkinda Kandam

End of Book on Kishkinda

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